Voila Lash Memberships


You may or may not know this BUT your eyelashes shed regularly!
Natural lashes will grow in and fall out in cycles, just like your hair.
That means, to maintain a full lash look, you need regular maintenance.


We’ve got the perfect solution for you!
How would you like to be able to get lash fills once a week and always keep that perfect look?

Amazing, right!? We have a way to help you and a way for you to help grow and develop our newest lash academy graduates with our Voila Lash Academy Membership. This Membership is designed to save you money and add convenience and rewards to your life.

Now, we know what you’re thinking, ‘NEW’ lash graduates?? Do they know what they are doing? Will I still leave with great lashes? The answer is YES! Our lash graduates have gone through supervised hands-on training to earn their certificate BUT they still need the practice to get their speed up; the faster they go, the more lashes they can apply. It’s important that our graduates get as many opportunities to apply their newly acquired skills and be successful in their new career PLUS it’s a deal for you!


We know your life is busy. To make your beauty upkeep a breeze, we have memberships to fit your custom lash look, schedule and budget! Get your appointments on the books at members’-only prices. It feels good to schedule in a little “me time”! With regular relaxation at Voila Lash Beauty Academy, you’ll look and feel your best – always!

One lash fill per week with consistent same day, same time appointment recommended
  Each new member will get eyelash extension shampoo with brush and a sealer to keep your lashes looking top shelf.
10% off all eyelash products 
10% off all other services
Bring a friend (for new clients only) for free classic lashes with an apprentice once per month!
Skin analysis (value of $150)
I think we should add a free service in the birthday month – be it a spray tan, Facial (which is usually $99) etc. 

Complimentary removals with new sets


No they do not.. If you can’t make an appointment as scheduled please give 24 hours notice to move it if there is space available or forfeit the appointment that week.

So, what do you get by having your eyelashes done through the Voila Lash Academy Membership?

  • Enthusiasm and a keen eye for detail from our graduate students who are eager to please and build their clientele.
  • Expert instructor on-site to overlook their work, touch up any areas that can be improved upon, and offer them feedback.
  • The practices and policies are fresh in the graduate’s mind; regulations are strictly followed.
  • Graduates are excited about what they are learning, practice often and have fresh ideas about the latest trends.
  • The cost is significantly less than the cost with a Master Lash Technician. 


Memberships unlock access to a special price list:

Classic Membership
$80 – includes:

  • Your first full set of classic eyelash extensions done with a Junior Apprentice. Unlimited fills thereafter.
  • 1st month = $100
  • Subsequent months = $80
  • Membership perks above.

Hybrid/Volume Membership
$100 – includes:

  • Your first full set of hybrid or volume eyelash extensions. Unlimited fills thereafter.
  • Option one of the following:
  • 1/ Leg or arms & underarms
  • 2/ henna brow
  • 3/Lash lift 
  • 1st month = $120
  • Subsequent months = $100
  • Membership perks above.

VIP Membership
$300 – includes:

one of the following:
paraffin hand treatment, spray tan or brow wax and tint

  • Microneedling + neck
  • Microblading
  • Eyeliner
  • Lip Blush

    *All of these services are a once per month item
  • 20% off products and other services 

Membership FAQ/Policies