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Hours: First Technical Evening: 5-9 Hands on training: Saturday 9-4, Sunday 9-1:30
You will require four models for (2)Saturday and (2)Sunday.


Learn it the proper way, in the proper time!

If you are like I was when I started my career in the eyelash industry over 10 years ago, you:

  • Want an all-inclusive education without breaking the bank
  • Want to train with a reputable company
  • Want simple, easy-to-follow instructions
  • Want a company that follows all health regulations, putting your client’s safety first
  • Want a company that can offer you continuous growth and learning as the industry advances

Voila Lash Lounge delivers in person Certification training, accepting only a small group of students per session to maximize one-on-one time for each student.

We will be working on not just being a great lash artist but on how to become a good business owner. Along with your ability to do perfect lash applications, you’ll learn how to get repeat clients and referrals, giving you the confidence, client trust, and the magic of word-of-mouth marketing.

What our training offers:

1. Comprehensive hands on training
2. Start to finish certification
3. For individuals: Apprentice training with Voila, placement in affiliated salon, or tools to start your own business
4. For salons/established businesses: Full training and certified lash technician
5. All the tools and supplies to start right away, including the chair! (dependent on training option chosen below)

Trying to get the cheapest lash course without the in-depth training you need is a sure-fire way to become a “Lash Technician Failure.” Set a standard high enough for yourself to succeed in one of the hottest growing markets today.

Reasons to be trained correctly:

The art of eyelash extensions must be mastered in order to get referrals, repeat clients and growth. Bottom line, if you try to take short cuts and do not do it right you will not succeed in this industry

Unlike traditional false eyelashes, which are applied as a single strip and last only a couple of days, individual eyelash extensions are synthetic extensions singularly bonded to each natural lash to create a longer, thicker more glamorous lash look. The application of eyelash extensions is a highly technical and meticulous process requiring well-trained individuals to perform the procedure.

Voila Lash Lounge places special emphasis on theory, procedure, safety, and advanced techniques that are guaranteed to produce longer-lasting lash applications.

One of the biggest challenges when learning eyelash application is speed. Proper training will provide the lash tech with the latest industry techniques that can reduce lash application time by half.

Upon completing the theoretical and practical instruction, lash trainees will take a written certification test and a practical application skills test to ensure they have attained the required knowledge and skills to succeed in the industry. Those who do not pass the test will be offered additional training and support to meet the required skill level.



With all the courses and advanced education out there, what’s your reason for wanting to learn this art? Why do you really want to learn eyelash extensions?

If you are like many of the lash techs I’ve trained, you envision this:

– Owning your own business
– Flexibility to work full or part time
– Making women feel beautiful and powerful with gorgeous lashes
– Having more time to spend with your kids, partner, and doing the things you love

Requirements for eyelash extension training:

1. Good eyesight or magnifiers
2. Steady hands
3. Patience
4. Attention to detail

The techniques you will learn are the same ones we use to make clients so happy they would refer us to their friends. We want you to be the lash technician everyone talks about. You deserve a career in business where you can experience the deep satisfaction of making women look and feel fantastic at the same time as making a good income.

*It is highly recommended that all trainees outside of voila get insurance and city Licence BC Fraser Health approval.

Training package:

The help and support you can expect:

  • We know how to make things work
  • Comprehensive and ongoing training
  • Business start-up support
  • In field support and business development
  • Marketing updates
  • Central client booking system including administration

The best aspects about Voila

  • Joining the acknowledged experts
  • Voila intends to grow province wide and you will be in on the ground floor
  • You can be flexible in how and when you work
  • Your working day should be fun. Helping clients to feel more beautiful is heart-warming
  • Regular repeat business

Interested? Apply now

Email us for more info and course dates:

1. Sign in to Abbotsford location and register 

2. Book package A or B for time on the date you want to register on
you need to qualify for package B – please email

3. Send in payment by e-transafer or use the pay now button to send in your deposit ($500) to guarantee your spot to: (make password: training)


Deposit is non refundable
Once receiving your deposit, We will send a welcome package – Cheers

**IMPORTANT: Click the register button and sign up. Once you are signed in please view the Abbotsford location schedule only and select the first date of the course you wish to enroll. Once you have chosen a date, select one of the open slots under “Abby Receptionist” and it will give you the option to choose your package. Classes are small max 4 applicants.