Teeth Whitening

Now you can get a brighter smile at Voila Lash & Beauty Abbotsford. Add teething whitening to a treatment if your pressed for time or come in for a stand alone treatment. 2-10 shades whiter in one sitting with no sensitivity.

Voila’s teeth whitening agent uses only the highest quality and concentration of teeth whitening gels available on the market. The Advanced Hybrid Gel and Botanical Gel are both manufactured in North America, FDA/CSA and Health Canada compliant. Our gels are Dentist approved, vegan, certified Kosher, contain essential oils and come with a registered Health Canada Cosmetic Number.

Advanced Hybrid teeth whitening agent has 2ml, of specially designed Advanced Hybrid gel, the highest take home % available on the North American market. Hybrid gel is 20% Carbamide Peroxide and 5% Hydrogen Peroxide, offering you a gentle yet powerful result!

  • Teeth Whitening $110

    60 minutes