Upper Lip
10 Min

10 Min

Upper Lip & Chin
20 Min

15 Min

Full Face
30 Min


Full Arms 

30 Min

Under Arms 
20 Min

Full Legs
45 Min

Half Legs
30 Min


Bikini Line

15 Min

Full Arms + Underarms 
40 Min

Full Legs + Bikini Line   
60 Min

Pre Waxing Care

The day of waxing Prepare your skin for the wax – Don’t wash your skin: We will be using a resin-based ‘salon’ style wax, do not wash your skin before waxing. Resin based waxes are oil soluble. You actually need that layer of natural skin oils to remain. This reduces discomfort as the wax sticks less to your skin, but it will still grab and remove the hair just fine. Don’t stress too much if you have washed your skin, but in that case it is highly advised to use some talc or soft powder to give that layer of protection between skin and wax.


Exfoliate your skin the day before your wax, it makes a big difference. Exfoliating is super important because it removes all the dead skin cells to prevent clogging of the follicle (the cause of those pesky ingrown hairs!). it also makes it easier for the wax to pick up each and every little hair, resulting in a smoother finish. So scrub before you come in for best results!


it’s super important to keep your skin hydrated by moisturizing regularly, BUT give the lotion a skip on the day of your appointment. oils on the skin and hair may prevent the wax from grabbing the hair properly.

Does it hurt?

make sure you are not on any vitamin a medications such as; retin-a, renova, isotretinoin, differin, accutane or other acne medications. these medications weaken the skin and may cause it to tear.

Reduce the pain by taking a pain relief pill