Microblading Training

Abbotsford booking : November 22,23,24

2 Day Course
Master the Fundamentals Microblading
$2,500.00 Includes Beauty safe


Microblading Certification from Voila Lash lounge & Beauty Bar

Certification with Beauty Safe when completed including blood borne pathogen certification

In-depth coverage, start to finish, of the procedure

Follow-up support as required after Microblading course

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Included in Professional Microblading kit:

  • 5 Maser Pigments four browns and black
  • Numbing and after care Creams
  • Cavi wipes
  • Disposable Hand Tools
  • Disposable Pigment Rings and cups
  • Micro-brushes
  • Disposable Razor blade tools
  • Eyebrow pencils
  • Brow Rulers
  • Practice Skins products
  • Gauze
  • Alcohol
  • Gloves
  • Cotton Balls
  • Barrier tape


Course Outline

pre-arrival Enrolled into beauty safe course, must produce pass certificate or mark
Friday evening Day 1: 4 pm-9 pm

Theory, mixing colours, designing brow shape, disinfection procedures, demonstration by trainers

Day 2 Saturday: Homework

Practice at home –  practice shape on skins and drawing on models with photos, complete part two beauty safeblood borne pathogen certification

Day 3 Sunday

Each student brings two models. You will complete both the design and application.

Day 4 Date to be scheduled later 

After practice, at a later date to be scheduled, you can attend with a model to complete microblading under supervision and receive additional feedback on your progress and determine any areas of improvement leading to certification.

Before certification students must complete:

1 model at  salon with supervision

Interested? Apply now:

1/Sign in to Appropriate location and register 

2/ book your time on the date you want to register on 

3/ I will send a request for e-transfer for $650 deposit to guarantee your spot which also includes the cost of your beauty safe exam

(non refundable, and must be made within 24 hours )

**IMPORTANT: Click the register button below and sign up. Once you are signed in please view the Abbotsford location schedule only and select the first date of the course you wish to enroll. Once you have chosen a date, select one of the open slots under “Abby Receptionist” and it will give you the option to choose your package. Classes are small max 4 applicants.

 Once deposit is received we will send you a link to beauty safe to complete part 1 before attending class